To feel saudade means

to enrich your life with

an entirely new dimension ...



Saudade derives from the Portugese language and culture. It describes a unique feeling of positive energy, and is a word that simply cannot be translated into any other language in the world.
Similar words include: nostalgia, yearning, melancholy...
However, these words carry a negative connotation that saudade does not embrace.

FEEL SAUDADESaudade does not only mean nostalgia, or the yearning for someone or something, belonging to the present or past;  saudade also means to deeply miss something that belongs to the future, that which you will never know, all the love that you will never give or feel, everything that you will never see, everything that will never happen…


Feel SaudadeNevertheless, you are not sad, because saudade always carries a glimpse of hope and fulfills you with enigmatic warmth, forever...Saudade is the beauty of enigma and no matter how much you try, you cannot find Saudade.Saudade finds you, and once it does, it never lets go.

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It is worth trying, don’t you agree?